Friday, December 4, 2009


Chiaroscuro means the arrangement of light and dark, darkness and light together. He is also a main character in the novel that my book club is reading, The Tale of Despereaux.

This word and this character has resonated in my heart. I am also an arrangement of light and dark. We all are.

Our author, Kate DiCamillo, asks us in many different ways, is life about light or is it about suffering? Which one, reader, which one?

My book club members think I'm nuts for cherishing this light and dark character. Children are like this, they really are pretty light. Here I am, the adult, and I cling to my dark places.

On a side note, a member of my book club noted that he thought it was interesting that DiCamillo didn't start writing until she was 29. He thought she got kind of a late start(!). He also doesn't think coffee is a very healthy breakfast. a 29 year old coffee drinker I have been given more to think about than just books.

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