Monday, December 28, 2009

baby's first christmas

Three days before Christmas I went to get Ramona from her bed and immediately felt the heat rising off her.  Thus began my week of fever fighting.  Ramona's first seven months were fortunately illness free, but it couldn't last, eventually all kids get sick.  It was a mystery illness, no accompanying symptoms to go with the high fever.  Our doctor, to my horror, began to suspect meningitis.  Thank goodness it wasn't that, it was nothing, but it was a rough three days of baby tending.  Christmas was on hold.  Family parties cancelled. 

But, Christmas miracle style, Ramona woke up healthy and happy on Christmas morning and had a lovely day.  She opened presents, hugged dollies, dug through stockings. Family members have filled our house with Way Too Many Toys.

Ramona's three days of fever were like traveling back in a time machine.  Back to our maternity leave.  Back to momma tunnel vision.  Back to a baby that always seemed to be asleep, but at the same time always needed me.  But also, back to the sweetness of a baby who wanted to cuddle and nurse all the time. 

This week Ramona and I are enjoying her health.  We are playing with her piles of toys.  We are getting out to see friends and family.  But most importantly, we are paying attention to each other.

On New Year's Day Ramona will be 8 months old.  It seems amazing to me.  She is amazing to me. 

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  1. I am so happy that she was well for Christmas. I am also happy you get some extra time with her. I know you needed and wanted more time with her before the break. Take it in.