Wednesday, May 4, 2011

this baby was a baby

When I taught first grade we read this little story every year, An Egg is an Egg by Nicki Weiss. It's a simple, repetitive story. Easy to read. But hard to read. Because, it's about change. This post is inspired by the writing of Nicki Weiss and by my little girl's birthday.

An egg is an egg until it hatches and then it is a chick.
Nothing stays the same
Everything can change.
My little girl is now two. One was easy. One felt like thank god she's one and sleeps through the night. Thank god that scary wonderful year is over. But two? Oh, two is different.
This baby was a baby until she grew
and now she is a girl.
How much longer is she a baby? Every morning I greet her, and she's new. Every afternoon, I reunite with a new lovely stranger. She grows in every second.
But you can always be a baby
You will always be my baby.
Two feels like please let me gather up your small hands in mine. Two feels like let's press every moment into a book before it leaves us forever. One felt like regaining my footing. Two has turned me into a weeping fool.
Some things stay the same
Some things never change.
I don't know that part yet. I don't know the part that doesn't change. I see you growing so fast and I see me trying not to miss a thing. I see me missing lots of things. But I love you. I love you, I love you.
Some things stay the same
Some things never change.

happy birthday, beautiful.


  1. I know what doesn't change... the fact that she is yours and you are hers. You are her mom, and she is your daughter. And you are both more beautiful, more alive because of that relationship.

    Happy Birthday to Ramona.
    Happy Mother's Day to Nova.

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you Dana. BTW....when are we going to get to see an apesfordana blog? I would love to read it....

  3. That was the most beautiful post I've read. Happy Birthday, Sweet, Sweet Ramona!

  4. I love this post! You have an amazing way of putting your feelings into words and you have put my feelings into words as well in this post. I may have to share this post with some of my other mom friends if that is alright with you.

  5. Oh, Anisa, thank you. Please do share.