Saturday, January 23, 2010

ACK! and ARG!

Wow, that was a long week. I got Ramona's illness. And a realization, but I'm getting ahead of myself.....

After Ramona got sick we had a day to recover, and then I got it. For me it came on at about ten at night, and in the middle of all that Ramona decided to be a non-sleeper/crier. Ramona and Brian get along really well. During the daylight hours he's just as good at taking care of her as I am. But as soon as it's time for sleep, she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. So in the middle of puking my guts out, I had to run into her room and try to get her back to sleep.

Realization: It's time to sleep train the baby. It has gotten out of hand.

So, the next night I was set to do it. My plan was to comfort her briefly, check on her a lot, but not to nurse her. And, what do you know, she slept through the night for the next four nights. This always happens! I resolve to let her cry, and then she quickly fixes herself......

lulls me into complacency....and BAM! She starts waking and crying again. It happened last night and I was so taken aback and unprepared for crying that I ran in and nursed her back to bed. Shoot.

Also, our hot water heater is broken. It can't even be looked at until Wednesday.

So, I resolve to take a cold shower tomorrow. And, I'm back to being unsure about my Ramona sleep plans.

Hey, hey, sounds like it's going to be a Great Week!

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