Tuesday, April 12, 2011

nothing, right now

I grasp with two hands. Lately I grasp with the hands I don't even have yet. This is not a resolve to postpone the writing of this blog until I have my paper written. This is not a resolve to take vitamins. Be a better Buddhist. Take better care of my skin. Write my words in a small notebook at the bottom of my purse. Write a blog post that tells you what's in my heart and asks what's in yours. This is not my resignation. This is not a new plan to maximize my productivity. This is nothing. I am a poet with no poems.


  1. Aww... this made me sad. I sure hope you're doing OK. You should have agreed to come to a game with us. Some good fun may be the inspiration you need ;O)

  2. Oh Dana, I'm in the hole of darkness to be sure. I think it's all anxiety over this paper. When it is done I will drink beer while we watch OUR KANSAS CITY ROYALS.
    I also hope to write really wonderful things that have nothing to do with early childhood information literacy.

  3. Well.. I suppose at this point the only way to see the light again will be to finish that thing. To see the next phase of your life begin. We'll surely be here when you need any moment to breathe. I know seeing our babes play together helps me to smile when things are dark. There will be plenty more games to see!