Friday, July 30, 2010

happy birthday,blog

Ramona and Her Mother is a year old.
I have no ambition for this blog, but I am happy to write and I'm proud to be getting better. It pleases me to have readers.

In the beginning, it was the best I could do to get a couple ok posts out a week. Sometimes I can't even do that. But, the thing about practice is that it is the only thing that will fix us. After a year of writing, I'm a writer. I have returned to the practice of keeping a daily journal. I write every day. I keep notes on my family and on my heart.

from my journal:
There is a lot more to me. But, aren't I hoping for there to be a lot less?

When I hold a pencil in my hand, these little thoughts rise to the top, a poem peeks from the margins. I've spent pages and pages trying to separate truth from myth.
I feel like it's very important for me to have unpublished writing again. To have a place unpolished.
I hope this time next year I have another 100 posts to re-read. Because, honestly, I'm this blog's biggest fan.

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