Wednesday, April 7, 2010

sick baby - again

Ramona has been sick, so I stayed home with her on Wednesday.

Then on Thursday, she just didn't seem right to me. Not horrible sick, but not her bouncy self. So, I let go and let Grandad. I called my dad and let him watch her for the day. Ask around, I called that man non-stop. He did great and I got a happy, much healthier baby back.

Ramona and I are lucky. I'm lucky to have someone in my life who doesn't have much going on and can drop everything at a moments notice to rush in and take care of us. I find it really easy to overlook anything that happened in the past, these days. I'm finding that my heart is more forgiving. It has to be. The lucky thing about being at the brink all the time is that you grab a hand. You are lucky enough to not have to be so choosy anymore.

I'm tired of choosing. And I'm tired of judgment. I'm ready to grab hands.

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