Thursday, January 12, 2012

the boy kind

The reason we needed another baby is because of the florescent lighting in the bathroom at work. Every time I went in there I saw grey hair. Grey hair that is or isn't there. I'd glance at my hair and immediately my ovaries would begin to worry.

So, despite the fact that one is always enough, we are having two. And I am scared. And happy. But like roller coaster happy scared where you know it could be dangerous, but you believe everything is going to be amazing.

Our new baby is going to be the boy kind. I always wanted to have a son, even though I never wanted to have a son. Girls are my people. But at the same time, when I taught first grade I always found the boys daunting and lovable in a way that made me want one for keeps. But still, I'm nervous and feel like having a son is not unlike inviting a strange and funny monkey to tea.


  1. Trust me, the boy kind is just as cool as the girl kind... I would imagine anyway. Ramona and little boy are going to be best of friends and you're going to love watching it unfold... I would imagine anyway. I'll have to watch this 2 kids thing very closely I think lol.

    PS - did you go with 'Reed'. I've fallen in love with 'Reed Bradfield' since the Christmas party. If not, oh well. Whatever you've decided on will be perfect. Such a cool and daunting job... naming a child.

  2. You have the benefit of experience having grown up around brothers. I feel like my house was kind of a girl zone and we just chastised my dad every time he did something gross.
    We had a long list, but have settled beyond a shadow of a doubt on Elwood Emory. Naming Ramona was like falling off a log, naming this one was tough, but this just feels like the right one.
    Reed can go back into the pool...Reed Boman...