Friday, August 14, 2009

stfu Victor Hugo

victor hugo - definition of heaven - "a place where parents are always young and children are always little".

Yes, stfu indeed, Victor Hugo. Tonight I feel certain that a quote like this could only come from a man. He probably thought this up while he was smoking his pipe or whatever by a fire while Mrs. Hugo was up breastfeeding baby Hugo for the 26th time that day.
Ramona is taking the catnap approach to sleeping tonight. It is nearly midnight and she has been up twice since nine. Heaven is a place where your baby knows mommy needs to play internets undisturbed.

I'm thinking about going to sleep, so I can maybe "not hear her" next time she wakes up.


  1. Whoa, smackdown of VH. I hope Ramona sleeps better tonight.

  2. I know...I felt bad the next day. In the morning VH was right again. Being young and having a sweet baby IS heaven.